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DMI Locksmith Services

DMI Locksmith leading engineering security and access control system offer the best materials and security  Coverage for your needs. 

Any of our products can be integrated into a single, easy-to-use system . Our modular approach to system design gives you everything you need now and allows for easy expansion in the future.

What's more, DMI Locksmith offers the best performance, satisfaction, service and false-alarm guarantees in the industry.

Relying on our service means that help will quickly be dispatched when your alarm system detects a problem. That’s a critical benefit. But relying on a monitoring service also lets you take advantage of the ability to remotely control your system from your cell phone, and to receive text or email message alerts from your system.

From a cell phone, Users can arm or disarm their system, and perform other functions.

Each command received by the panel is acknowledged back to the user via return SMS Message.

The Network capability lets you monitor alarm signals over the Internet, offering a significant

advantage for both Central Stations and alarm customers in terms of cost, speed,

quality of service, and security.

Access Contorl Systems

dmi locksmith access control systems

We will integrate access control system that will provide you the best security and control for your business entry and most cost effective solution. We offer the best solution that meet the highest standard to protect your business or your house. 

Our team specialists are equipped with the latest technology and expertise to integrate access system with the hardware lock mechanism. Whether you have multiple doors or entries to single main door we have perfect solution for your needs. Our integrators are able to design, set up, and fix all types of access control.

We have the most advanced solution in order to keep your business or family safe. Our specialist can design the right system to meet your needs and budgets.

We can help you from the basic Busser system to the latest security system.

We always want to give you to best security system for your place. With the 24/7 monitoring system, our security system is able to help you and your assets. Our technicians are professionally trained and they are very happy to help you. Call us today to get benefits of our advance access systems. You can also complete the form in this website and we will contact you. 

dmi locksmith Aiphone and Honywell systems .png
dmi locksmith integrated security system .png
Security system

Stay connect 

Most security systems rely on “dial-up” connections — traditional phone lines — as the communication link to your monitoring service. But where you have the ability to add communication links it lets you include Internet and cellular connections, either in addition to or instead of dial-up.  , you can select the optimum communications strategy for your stores and your business. Whether downed wires or you need to protect against the possibility of wires being intentionally cut, enables you to stay constantly connected and continuously protect

Security / Integrated Systems 

You want to be confident that your system will be able to communicate effectively with your monitoring center 24 hours a day, in case of an emergency. Consider the three ways your system can contact the monitoring center when your alarm is triggered, and choose the one that best suits your property.

Operating 24 hours a day and seven days a week, central monitoring center can direct authorities to your home upon receiving your system’s signal for burglary, fire, flood and medical emergency .  

Our security system can be rmotely armed and disarm.

We offer free estimate in your property and 24/7 technical support.


Points of Protection

The base technology to secure your property from unwanted visitors also provides you with additional protection possibilities:

  • Door and window sensors to protect entry points

  • Motion detectors to capture movement inside your property

  • Heat and smoke detectors to protect against fire

  • Water detectors to protect against major water leaks

  • Carbon monoxide detectors to warn of gas build-up

  • Light timers that turn lights on/off automatically

  • Special user codes for kids so parents know when they get home from school

  • Panic buttons that will trigger your alarm in a threatening situation

  • Medical alert pendants which signal our monitoring station

  • Pre-alarm devices to alert you of someone approaching your property

 See (click to opend PDF file ) :

Security Alarm Coalition (CIAC) tips for alarm user 

Basic Alarm System

Locksmith Service 

locksmith services

DMI Locksmith is one of the leading commercial locksmith service providers in Pittsburgh PA.

We comprehend the fact that a lot of investments go into making of a business and you cannot compromise on its security for any reason.

Catering to these commercial locksmith services, we provide you utmost high value locksmith services for commercial purposes. With emergency services support 24 hours 365 days, we offer you the best!

We can help make your business more secure by giving you solutions which are worth.

DMI commercial locksmith services include repair of locks, replacing or re-keying locks, repairing exit devices, door closers, or installation of door mechanism to keep your business safe. 


Proximity Readers or Keypad Entry Control

dmi locksmith fob systems

We are integrating ,for your need, and fit your budget either for stand-alone unit

That can program add/remove visitor from the exterior unit or PC-based Systems

with software control for any event 24/7.

Our system can easily program for restricting

entrance visitor for certain schedule lock or unlock specific entrance for specific

schedule as we can integrated system that can manage from single door to multiple

building at different location.


Our CCTV Services is a full-service:

We professionally install, service, and maintain everything we instali from popular dome camera , bullet camera , PTZs Camera 

DVRs, full HD1080P recording, wireless remote viewing, motion detection alert setup, analog component and hosted video service.  

From Dummy camera to latest technology integrated with your security system and custom fit for your needed and your budget -DMI locksmith has it all.

Cal for a free QUOTE on site with our engineer that will built you the best CCTV system you can get for your budget.

Site Survey worksheet 


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