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BioSync Fingerprint Read by Key Systems

  • High quality fingerprint readers in small, sleek, and attractive packages

  • Available in fingerprint-only, fingerprint+ card, and fingerprint + PIN

  • Card reader models available with Keri NXT + HID 125 KHz Proximity or MIFARE/DESFire


  • Stores up to 9500 fingerprint templates

  • Multi-color LED bar to indicate access status

  • Compatible with Keri’s NXT Controllers and PXL-500W Tiger Controller

  • Industry standard Wiegand output for compatibility with most 3rd party access control systems

  • BioSync™ Readers provide reliable ­ fingerprint reading in attractive and unobtrusive packages. Readers are available in ­ fingerprint -only, ­ fingerprint + card, and ­ fingerprint + keypad versions. Typically used in higher security applications, they can be used either for primary user identification (­ fingerprint -only) or for secondary veri­fication based on initial use of a card or PIN.

  • BioSync Readers are compatible with Keri’s NXT controllers with an NXT-WI Wiegand Interface, PXL-500W Tiger Controller, and 3rd party controllers that accept Wiegand-type readers. The readers contain an internal beeper and an LED bar to indicate fingerprint accepted and access granted/denied status for user feedback. Keypad and Card models may be used outdoors with appropriate covers. Fingerprint template sharing between readers is done using RS-485 networking, with an option for TCP/IP. Keri’s BioManager software is used for enrollment and template management.

Adhesive Proximity Patc


The AP-10X Adhesive Proximity Patch has a peel off sticky back that turns your familiar personal items such as a wallet or cell phone into proximity credentials. They can also be applied photo IDs or most existing RFID cards as well.


BIOSYS is a fingerprint reader that is simple and quick to install. Ergonomic and robust, the BIOSYS sensor is covered with a protective scratch-resistant coating (up to 4 million contacts). The unique identity of a fingerprint provides absolute security, while providing ease of use through its innate simplicity. Securing your property and people (up to 500 users) has never been this simple and easy!


Using 13.56 MHz contactless smart card technology, the RKL55 iCLASS® LCD/Keypad reader provides users with enhanced interaction at the door. Combining contactless card presentation with a personal identification number (PIN), the reader provides a second layer of authentication for higher security. Featuring an LCD screen and function keys for real-time user feedback, the RKL55 further expands system versatility at the door.

The RKL55 features Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP), combined with the power of iCLASS, to push user interaction and system functionality to the extreme.

Key Features

Benefits of the iCLASS LCD/Keypad reader include:

  • LCD, keypad and function keys provide enhanced/real-time user interaction for access control

  • OSDP enabled

  • LCD/Keypad interface ideal for time and attendance, vending and point of sale uses

  • Reader allows for a host device to control the LCD display, obtain user interaction through function keys, poll buffered card data and control audio/visual indicators

  • Host device drives real-time clock, user information and system status

  • Offers clear communication to system users without requiring additional components


 Reliable, durable and highly accurate ZK fingerprint sensor with ver. 10 algorithm provides less than 1.5 second user recognition. Works without computer.

 setup and programming can be done via keypads and embedded firmware.Audio-Visual Indication for acceptance and rejection of valid/invalid fingerprints.

 Relay Outputs for electric lock and alarm. Inputs for door status sensor and exit switch. Supports multiple timezones and personnel groups for programming valid entry zones.

 IP65 rated waterproof enclosure permits this reader to be used for outdoor applications.

 Can store up to 3000 fingerprint templates, 10,000 cards and 50000 transactions. The data can be backed up to a USB drive and transferred to another reader in the absence of computer connectivity. Internal Proximity Card or Mifare Card reader allows dual factor authentication for access control.


  • Rugged structure for outdoor installation and extra durability

  • IP65 rated waterproof and weatherproof structure

  • Slim and elegant design

  • One of the world’s smallest fingerprint terminals

  • Sleek and slim design for narrow spaces.

  • Fast and accurate fingerprint algorithm

  • Fingerprint identification in 1 second

  • Stores 3000 fingerprint templates, 10,000 cards and 50000 transactions

  • Easy installation and connectivity with Wiegand input and output and network interface by TCP/IP and RS485

  • Full access control features include DLST, Web-server, Anti-Passback and access control interface for third party electric lock, door sensor, exit button and alarm

  • Easy operation and management; works without computer and has built-in keypad and RF card reader for multi-modal authentication

  • Special Order with Mifare card module

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