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  • ZKAccess - from biometric access controller system to simple DC power supply -with extended full warranty 

  • Securitron By Assa Alboy - Digital access keypad system for interior and exterior entry, Touch sensitive exit devices, momentary and emergency illuminated switch button and remote buttons.​

  • HID - From controller all the way to proximity keys/fobs with large verity of hardware and software support very popular and updated technology.​

  • IEI (NORTEK)- Popular brand for 1-3 entry control, including reader,stand-alone exterior units (keypad and card readers) with up 2000 users.​

  • KABA ACCESESS- E-PLEX access contol system -traditional access system by KABA.                                  Mobile key using Kaba application to access any control products us hotel rooms, residential units, university accommodations and other protected facilities such as laboratories, server rooms, remote utilities and commercial buildings.​

  • hes - Electric strike manufacturer the "brand name" of the electric strike industry , the only strike that release and recapture every brand of every lock


  • MUL-T-LOCK -  Mul-t-lock Has several unique solution to control your assets and property

  1.  Mul-T-Lock’s Traka 21 helps trace and account for every key or keyset, with every key or keyset locked in place and only released with an authorized code, Traka21 helps ensure that critical business operations are monitored and controlled.

  2. Wireless SMARTair™ access control - No wires no keys just reprogrammable cards will open the door for you. 


  • Kery Systems ​- full product line and solution for access control systems, master control units cards and proximity readers one of the most popular brand

  • DMP-Digital Monitoring Product -US Manufacturing of alarm system products .


  • CVDI - Control panels and readers .

  • AIPHONE - From basic audio connection to IP based video intercom master station with internal communcation,remotly unlock doors, rescue assitance  and bell/chime schedulaing the leading intercom brand in North America.

CCTV- Close Circuit TV
  • Hikvision USA - Netwark cameras, analog cameras, DVR's , CCTV accssories, software video managment.

  • Honeywell video system- Cameras, analog components,recording dvices, hosted video services. 

  • KABA -the famous and the reliable KABA Simplex mechanical lock that you can find with many  businesses across N. America.

  • Alarm Lock - mechanical and electrical grade 1 commercial locks can read cards or using as code entry.

  • ARROW- Heavy duty commercial lock and lockset.

  • LSDA - Locksmith Dealership Association -commercial and residential grade lock and hardware popular in the East coast.

  • CAL ROYAL - Exit devices , leverset , door closer, reinforcement pletes. 

  • YALE, SARGENT, VON DUPRIN ,STANLEY -We use those brands for new or replacment exit device when the old once need to be replace for the same exact style .

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